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Konjac Flour (Glucomannan) Products

1.Konjac Fine Flour:

Appearance and smell: milk white or light yellow, with a few black and yellow dots in the middle. Granularity ranging from 45-100 meshes. With unique konjac smell.

2.Konjac Micro Flour:

Appearance: milk white, granularity more than 120 meshes, with mild smell, quick in dissolving.

3.Konjac Gum:

White color. Fine particle size (95% pass thorugh 120meshes). odorless

Quick in dissolving. Of high viscosity and high transparency.

Food Application:

Ice cream:

adds viscosity, emulsion stability.

Bakery products :

dietary fiber supplement, improvement in sponges, prolongs the freshness.


viscosity, texture improve, moisture enhancer, gloss.

Meat products:

bulking, fat replace, moisture enhancer, sticky texture.


water holding capacity, texture improvement.


thickening, mouth-feel.


gel strength, texture improvement.


fruit suspension, viscosity, gelation.


fiber content, mouth-feel.

Edible films:

both water-soluble and insoluble film to water available.

Medical Application:

Cholesterol reduction by glucomannan and chitosan is mediated by changes in cholesterol absorption and bile acid and fat excretion in rats.

Glycemia and other associated risk factors improvement for coronary heart disease.

Beneficial effect of viscous dietary fiber from Konjac-mannan on the insulin resistance syndrome.

Childhood obesity treatment.

Chronic use of glucomannan in the dietary treatment of severe obesity.


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