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            History of Dietary Safety and Legal Status
    China and Japan have a long history for cultivating and eating konjac tracing back to as early as one millennium ago.

    Based on extensive records on dietary safety, Ministry of Health of People¡¯s Republic of China officially included konjac into the new food resource list as the generally administrated foods in No. 9 File Wei Jian Fa [1998] on February 16, 1998. National Standard for Konjac Flour was promulgated on May 19, 2000.

    In U.S.A., Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved konjac flour as food additive in 1997, which was published in US US Food Additive Regulations 4th Edition.Related standards are also included in US Food Chemical Codex (FCC), appr oving konjac flour as food jelling agent, thickener, filmformer, emulsifier and stabilizer [CAS:(37220-17-0),1996].

    European Union issued the official announcement (s/n L295127, E-425) on November 4, 1998, approving/registering its usage in foods at the maximum dosage of 10g/kg.


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