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What do you eat on the way to hometown?

Chinese New Year is coming in few days, It is the peak of back to hometown for all Chinese people.

People come from different cities, most are far away. they choose different ways to go home, 
Such as, driving the car by themselves, taking the train, by plane.
It will takes 2 to 30 hours depends on different tool and distance.

Normally people will buy a lot of snacks for the tour, like the instant noodles, cookies, drinks etc.
as we all know, instant noodles are the most popular. Now we have new type instant noodles,
konjac noodles, it is different from the traditional noodles, with only 9.5 kcal per 100g, low calories,
low carb, fat free, sugar free. Healthy and very convenient for people
to eat directly on the way.


If you are on the way to hometown or any tour, take some konjac noodles, you don’t feel hungry,
you will feel much more healthier at the same time.

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