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What are the differences between dry and wet konjac noodles?

What are the differences between dry and wet konjac noodles?

1. Ingredients:

A:Wet konjac nooddle: Konjac Powder + water + calcium hydroxide.
B: Dry konjac noodles:  konjac powder+ tapioca starch,maltose syrup,citric acid, + water + calcium hydroxide.

From the ingredientes, the wet konjac noodle is sugar free, while the dry konjac contains a little suger .

2. Shelf life:
A: The wet konjac noodle has 12 months ¨C 18 months shelf life.
B: The dry konjac noodle has 18 months.

Note: the shelf life of vegetable-flavored wet konjac noodle is 12 months.

3. Cooking time:
A: The wet konjac: precooked and ready to eat.
Drain the liquid and rinse it 2-3 times with running water,then It is ready for cool or hot dish
B: dry konjac noodles need to be cooked in boiling water for 7 minutes.

4. The Taste & Smell of konjac noodles.
A: wet konjac : Tasteless. It has special konjac smelling.The top grade, and vegetable-flavored konjac has a subtle scent.
B: dry konjac: it is a little sweet before cooking,but after cook, there is no konjac smell.

5. Nutritional Facts factory packing :

However, every 25 g of dried konjac noodle becomes 60 g of noodles after cooking.
And the sugar and starch on the surface will be washed away, so carbohydrates and calories will be different.

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