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How do you plant Konjac? Part1 Konjac Planting Environment


Konjac is also known as the ghost head, flower connecting rod, and the scientific name is Konnyaku,
belong to Perennial herbs of the family australaceae


Konjac has rich nutrition. The konjac contains a large amount of glucomannan and 17 kinds of amino acids
required by the human body, as well as a variety of unsaturated fatty acids. According to the "Compendium
of Materia Medica" and "Chinese Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine" and other medical monographs,
konjac has the functions of swelling, dispersing poison, reduce phlegm, and good for the stomach. Therefore,
it is favored by the world health food market.
like the popular konjac noodles and rice.

Konjac grow in very high mountain, it has special requirement about the altitude,climate. 

Today, let's talke about the environmental conditions. The stalk of the konjac is like a
black-streaked snake with a point. The compound leaves are pinnate, the leaflets are pinnately divided,
and the whole branch and a single stem form a soy sauce-colored inverted umbrella.
The underground stem is swollen and spherical, and the bulb contains a toxic substance alkaloid,
which can be eaten by bleaching with alkali or ash. When planting, it should be used for the seeding of the
upper port, the small eye, and the shape of the cone. The shelled konjac that is not finished in the first year
cannot be used for planting.
The konjac is cool and cool, and it is resistant to dampness. The soil is made of deep loam or sandy soil.
Heavy clay and cold sand should not be planted with konjac. Avoid heavy land and the front is the land of peppers and tobacco leaves.
The pH of the soil is preferably 6.5-7.5. The slightly acidic land can also be planted.

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