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where to buy dry shirataki noodles?

Do shirataki noodles come dry?

We have both dry konjac noodles and wet konjac noodles.
Wet type: The finished noodle is 95% water and 5% indigestible fiber, making it a low calorie& zero fat noodle. It has no taste but have a slight fish-like smell in wet package.

Dry type: still have lower calorie and carb than regular noodles. It is dry and no fish-like smell, another option between instant wet konjac and regular dry noodles.
How do you cook dry shirataki noodles?
1.Cook noodles in boiling water for 7 minutes,
2. add your favorite flavors.

Where to buy dry shirataki noodles?
You can buy shirataki noodles at your local grocery store, Whole Foods, and even Amazon or Walmart.
But dry konjac shirataki foods, mostly sell online so far.
Or you can buy from ATOR FOOD, we have bulk & wholesale dry/wet konjac shirataki foods.

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