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Is konjac shirataki noodle smelly?

Yes, it has a special konjac smelling.

That is actually the natural smell of the konjac flour, very natural, no harm!
Konjac is also called shirataki. In Japan, peopel like this special konjac taste&smell, and some people describe it as a fishy smell.

Why do konjac noodles smell?
First-- material : Konjac noodle is made from konjac flour--the roots of the konjac plant.the flour has it¡¯s own smell, and  konjac flour smells much stonger than noodles.

Second-- the production process :as you know, noodle¡¯s ingredients are: konjac flour, calcium hydrixod 0.15%(firming agent), water.
konjac noodle is really hard to be shaped without calcium hydrixod.

some people asked me: is this smell from konjac or calcium hydroxide?
In fact, most of this smell comes from konjac flour. This smell has been reduced a lot after production with water.

Then people ask why the smell disappeared after washing?
This is because all of our konjac noodles are sterilized by high temperature, however our noodles are already packed, so the scent is in the bag. when you open it (realese the smell), it will fade in 10 seconds.

I believe it¡¯s not hard to undestand that: during the sterilization process (almost 1 hour high temperature procedure), the smell will be strong. Just like that we can smell people more scented in the hot weather than in the cold : ).

Therefore,when you open it, you should let it last for 10 seconds. because after so long sterilization, it¡¯s unfair to ask the noodle only be it¡¯s own smell .Unless people want some preservatives or additives instead the high temperature Sterilization.

How to get rid of the smell of konjac?
I often tell my customers to open the bag, and the smell will disappear a lot in 15 seconds. If the smell is still strong, rinse with water 2-3 times, then place in boiling water for 2 minutes, drain the water and add your favorite flavor. Then it will be a no guilty dish~

But if you really care about the smell, next week I could make other options for your to reference. All natural konjac shirataki, no preservative or additive~

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